After your kitchen remodeling it will feel like you are in a brand new house. This is because the kitchen is a place where a lot of time is spent. Unlike a shower where you go to once a day, the kitchen is a highly frequented area. For this reason, a kitchen remodel will require careful choices. The end goal should be to function better and to allow for free movement.

Kitchen floors

There are various alternatives in the market when it comes to flooring.

Hardwood floors

These are durable and have great aesthetic appeal. You have the option of staining the floor and refinishing it to give it a lift. Hardwood floors will last for many years.

Solid hardwood floors are made of pure wood. These wooden floors allow you to refinish them easily. They only require sanding and application of your desired finishing. Engineered hardwood floors are made by putting together multiple layers of hardwood. They are less susceptible to humidity than the solid hardwoods.

Laminate floors

Laminate floors consist of layers of materials joined together to create a board that is strong and durable. It lasts many years and is suitable for places with a lot of movement. Laminate requires installation of a lower layer of material to keep out moisture and reduce noise. It is easy to clean and maintain. This material also costs less than hardwood floors.

Tile floors

These floors are preferred because they are long lasting and do not require much maintenance.  You will find various designs of tiles to suit your personal style. Tile floors withstand frequent movement of people and will not retain smells. They are cold however and mats may be needed when standing on them for long periods.

Bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are another option to consider when remodeling your kitchen. This material is quite strong and with maintenance lasts a long time. They may be either engineered or solid. Though it is a hard materials it still requires a bit of care. It will not take hard hits and will show scratches. It also requires waterproofing underneath it.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are chosen for their durability, water resistance and versatility of style. In this category you will have a lot of choices in terms of design and colors. Vinyl will not scratch easily and when properly maintained will last a long time.


When remodeling your kitchen you may choose to revamp your existing cabinets or to change them altogether. There are many ways in which you can make your current cabinets more functional and appealing.

Some designers suggest making cabinet doors functional by installing spice racks on them.  This way you can have the spices arranged neatly where you can easily reach them.

Painting the cabinets in a new color will definitely revamp them. This is an easy way of getting ‘new’ cabinets without much expense.

Install roll-out shelving on your base cabinets. This will make storage easier as you will arrange your utensils and slide them in the cabinet.

Removing or installing cabinet doors. If you have doors and your kitchen space is small, consider removing the doors. You will have more room and easier access to your things. If your cabinets do not have doors, install them. You’ll have many door options including glass doors and slide doors.

Kitchen walls

As with floors the options here include ceramic tiles, vinyl, stone and wood.  In addition to this wallpapers are also an option. These materials may be used in combination to achieve the desired look of your kitchen. In this case, when considering these materials check how well they can take heat. You may want to combine different materials so that you have heat resistant walls around your cooking areas.

Other Kitchen Remodeling Features

There are many features that can be altered to change the whole look of a kitchen. Walls floors and cabinets will make a difference when changed. Sometimes your budget may allow only one change. This will still renew the feel of your kitchen.

For those with a bigger budget, other options may be pursued. These include installing an island, changing the lighting and acquiring new appliances.

When considering remodeling your kitchen, always start with a clear cut budget. Let everything that you plan for fall within it. Take your time to plan ahead of time and look for alternative options. This way at the end of the process you will have a lovely functioning kitchen without any regrets.

Hiring a Contractor