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All the how to videos / informative videos can be found by using the top navigation bar. Below is a master list which is provided in alphabetical order by the major category.

Even if you have no intention on doing the task yourself, it is always a good idea to know how it is done. This way you are not going to be taken advantage of either financially or by you accepting improper / unprofessional work.

Some pages have multiple videos on it. Videos will be in the same order as they appear on the below master list.


Door Hinges

How To Re-Align a Door (wont close properly or easily)

Fixing a Door That Does Not Stay in the Same Position 

Aligning Deadbolt with Strike Plate Using A File

Door Locks

How to Repair / Lubricate a Door Lock 

How to Replace A Door Knob / Lock

Installing Lever Handle Door Knobs with Deadbolts

How to Change a Lever Door Knob & Dead Bolt Repair

Garage Door

Garage Door Lubricating

Fixing Garage Door Safety Eyes

Adjusting Force of the Garage Door Opener


Concrete Tile Roof

Cracked Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Slipped Concrete Tile Repair

Flat Roofs

Applying Elastomeric Roof Coating

Silicone Coating Roof Tutorial


How to Install a Rain Gutter

Ice Dams

Preventing Ice Dams

Shingle Roof

How to Replace a Roof Shingle

Roof Leak Repair (replacing a pipe collar or vent stack)

How to Quickly Fix a Leaking Rooftop Vent Pipe





Cleaning and Lubricating Windows

Window Repairs


Fix a Noisy Exhaust Fans

Fix a Noisy Ceiling Fan

How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan

How To Use a Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit