A bathroom remodeling should ultimately provide finished results that are much better suited to your tastes and preferences. Yet bathroom remodeling is done by individuals for various reasons. You may be interested in having a matching tub, toilet and sink.  Sometimes the tiles need a change. Sometimes an overhaul is preferred to changing broken elements.

Important Factors

Whatever your reason may be, remodeling your bathroom is an exciting journey to undertake. There are various factors to consider when considering it. These include the following:

  • Budget

A budget is a sensible and necessary tool to work with when remodeling your bathroom. It will determine the options available to you

  • Take your time

Remodeling your bathroom should be an enjoyable experience for you. How can this be achieved? First understand that this is a process that will take some time. It is not something to be rushed or done with urgency.  Take time to plan exactly what you want. Talk to experts and get a rough idea about what it will take to get your desired bathroom.

When you take your time to plan for a major change, you won’t be surprised by any eventualities. You will be in a position to make informed choices on where and what you purchase.

  • Avoid the ‘in thing’

Unless you have lots of money at your disposal, stay away from fashion trends in this endeavor. Think of it this way: How many times do you see yourself remodeling in your lifetime?  It could be once in ten years, twenty years or twice in your life.

In making decisions about what to purchase, function should always take precedence over fashion.

  • Have a long term view

Consider your stage in life. How old are your children? Is your nest about to be empty? Do you have toddlers? How much of your work life is remaining? These questions will help you in choosing the design of your home. Let your future needs take precedence over those of children in college. They won’t be home much anyway.

Features of home bathroom remodeling


When remodeling the walls in a bathroom, look for materials that do not absorb moisture. Matte paint has pores that will allow moisture in. Avoid these as well as flat surface paints. When selecting paints choose those that have glossy and semi-glossy sheens. Bathroom paints protect walls from mold and mildew while offering flatter sheens. They are a bit more expensive than flat paint.

Ceramic and glass tiles offer the best protection against moisture. When properly installed they will last a long time and keep moisture out of the walls.

Bead boards are also an option for your bathroom walls. They come halfway up the wall to protect it from moisture. Once installed, they are painted with a glossy or semi-glossy paint. Look at pictures of this before choosing this to ensure it fits in with your design.

Bath tubs and showers

Here you have the options of a bathtub, a shower or a combination of both. A bathtub offers benefits such as:

  • It is easy to use with children
  • Increases the value of the home
  • Has alternative shapes and sizes

A shower also has benefits that should not be ignored. They include:

  • Uses less water and impacts the energy bill less
  • Takes up little space
  • Is quicker to use
  • Is easy to install

A combination of these will have both benefits. Installation of a bathtub costs more than installation of a shower. However considering that the remodeling of a bathroom will happen only once in a few years, the benefits may well outweigh the costs.


You’ll have a wide selection of designs in this area depending on the space you have available. For bathrooms with little space, wall hung sinks and pedestal sinks are good choices. A wall hung sink is attached directly to the wall. A pedestal sink sits on a pillar and comes in various designs.

For bathrooms with a vanity, there are various designs that are available. Drop in sinks have a rolled rim which rests on top of the counter. This rim holds the sink in place. These types of sinks are easy to replace as the surface of the vanity does not have to be changed.

Vessel sinks are sinks which fit atop the counter. The bottom of the bowl is set on a level with the counter or sits partially in the counter top.

Under mount sinks are mounted from below. The surface material is cut to fit the sink. This design is lovely but presents challenges when replacing the sink. A desired replacement sink may not fit into the hole cut for the previous one.


Textured ceramic tiles are a sensible choice when it comes to flooring. They are durable and water resistant. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl tiles are also ideal for bathroom floors. However seams may create a challenge because of the loads of water falling on the floor. Sheet vinyl is the answer to this challenge as it can be installed with few or no seams.

Natural stone floors are a stylish and upmarket floor choice. Whether you choose limestone, granite or marble, you’ll get many years of service from stone floors. They are however a costly choice. Stone floors are also cold and may require heating.

Bathroom Remodeling the Conclusion

In conclusion bathroom remodeling is a process that requires much thought and time to prepare and plan for. There are almost unlimited options for each item that you want to change.  Make choices that lie within your budget. You can always get something that is suitable for you when you make adequate time to look for it. And don’t just think about the aesthetics, think about the safety features as well.

Hiring a Contractor