Most Common Home Repairs

As a homeowner it is a good idea to know what the most common home repairs are today. Then you can create a schedule of  regularly maintaining, changing or replacing fixtures in your home.

When you regularly maintain your home, you’ll not only avoid expensive repairs later but your home will be more enjoyable. There are several areas that you need to regularly check and have repairs done on. The following is a list of the most common home repairs you should expect.

Repairs to leaking or dripping faucets

This common problem leads to wastage of water and is an annoying thing to live with. If you’re handy with tools, get a faucet repair kit at your local store and use it to replace worn out washers or tighten loose handles. Otherwise get a professional to do it for you.

Problems with clogged garbage disposal

One of the most commonly occurring issue in a home is a jammed garbage disposal. This happens when you’ve literally fed the disposal more than it can chew. This common home repair is also simple to do.  Most people will have lost their garbage disposal key by the time it breaks down. Get an Allen wrench and use it to free the motor.

Most common furnace air filter maintenance

In most cases these filters have a 3-year shelf life. It is good practice to replace them once the time given by the manufacturer elapses. Otherwise they becomes clogged with dirt and particles and this may lead to a breakdown of the system.

The easiest home maintenance for this is to make sure to note down the date when you install it. Then set up an alarm or a reminder so that you’ll know when to change it.

Repairs on clogged bathtubs and sinks in the home

This is one of the most occurring home repairs in households. Hair is the biggest culprit when it comes to bathtubs.  It builds up and clogs up the drain. As a homeowner avoid calling the plumber by regularly opening up the drain and using a plunger to clear up the blockage.

Repairs to the Water heater

Water heaters over time have sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. You’ll know this has happened when your water temperature keeps changing. It will also take longer for water to heat up and you will use it in a shorter time.

A unit that is less than ten years old just needs flushing. There’s a handy valve at the bottom for this. If the unit is older than ten years, have a professional look at it for you.

Common gutter repairs

This is one home repair area that requires regular maintenance. As a homeowner, and especially if you have trees around, regularly clean your gutters and check for cracks.

You’ll want to watch for fallen branches as these can damage your gutters. Leaves and dirt may also accumulate in your gutters and block them.

Broken gutters allow water to flow to your foundation and these may lead to expensive damage. Water builds up at the blockage in a gutter and then flows down your walls and onto your foundation.  Make a point to check on them regularly.

These are just a few of the most common home repairs needed by homeowners. The list is longer and varies from state to state. It is a good rule to regularly check on these areas and carry out regular maintenance. This will save you expensive repair costs in the future.