Window – Smoother Operation

Regardless of the type of window a home has, there are often challenges with smooth operation. Windows may skip along the sash channel, stick partway through, and refuse to budge further. But there are a few things you can do to make a window have smoother operation:

  • The first thing to do is to keep your window sashes clean and free of debris (the sash is the area along which the window frame glides).
  • If a window has layers and layers of paint that interfere with movement, it’s best to use a utility knife to wiggle them loose, and then scrape them down to the bare wood and repaint them with an all-in-one paint/primer.
  • Use candle wax or a block of paraffin to lubricate the sash channel. You can repeat this process anytime you feel the window becoming “skippy” or “sticky.”
  • Cleaning the tracks then applying silicone spray to the tracks will greatly facilitate a smoother operation of the windows, or sliding door.
  • If a window has warped frame due to weather, you can lightly sand down the edges of the frame (if you can access them easily) to make it easier for it to move; otherwise, candle wax will help.

Cleaning tip: nothing is more frustrating than windows you can’t see through! The very best cleaning method for windows is simply to mix 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water… wash (scrub if necessary) with a microfiber cloth… remove the liquid with a squeegee… and wipe immediately with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent static lint buildup.

Videos on Window Maintenance