Window Sunscreens are Important

Sunscreens are not just lotions we put on our skin to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They are important physical screens which are used on the windows of homes as well. There are many good reasons for putting sunscreens on your windows. The number one reason is to reduce your energy costs in the summertime or whenever it is hot outside. What a lot of homeowners don’t think about is how much heat is being delivered into their home as the sun’s UV rays pass through its clear windows. As a result, the central air conditioner must work extra hard to cool the home of all this heat which, in turn, means rising energy costs.

Sunscreens Do More Than Just Save You Money on Cooling Your Home

Sunscreens also protect your windows and interior possessions from the damaging effects of the sun. This direct sunlight will cause certain items to fade and become discolored, such as furniture, flooring, and walls. If you don’t do something about the fading soon, this consistent heat will cause the material of these items to break down and become dilapidated. Then you will need to replace them with new ones. Replacing furniture might seem like no big deal, but it is a much bigger and more costly deal if you need to replace the flooring and walls.

Crucial Window Protection

In areas such as the desert Southwest, where the sun and heat is just merciless in the Summer, window sunscreens offer crucial protection to the window frames and the seals between the glass panes. Frames such as vinyl and plastic can warp, crack, and fall off. The seals between the window frames can split, or swell – this can cause a breach the window seal, affecting the window clarity and insulating properties. And as for the glass panes, sunscreens can also offer some protection against damage which may be inflicted upon them. If you live in a location which tends to get a lot of heavy winds and rough weather conditions, like Florida, then you may want to have sunscreens over your windows to keep them protected from these conditions.

Sunscreens may deter burglars from wanting to break into your home because window glass will be harder to access if a sunscreen is covering it. If a burglar must go to the trouble of breaking through a sunscreen, or removing it, just to get to the glass window, this will cause a lot more noise and take a lot more time for them to get inside your home. This is not something they are going to risk while committing a felony. So, they’re bound to just give up before they even try. In the event they do try to get into your house and you’re home too, the sunscreen will buy you some extra time for calling the police.

Economical, and Easy to Install

Sunscreens are commonly known as solar screens on the market. You can purchase these screens at your local home improvement store or retail superstore. They cost between $40 and $60, so they are affordable for the average homeowner. Installing the sunscreen is not that hard, but you should have some handyperson skills to get it done. You’ll need to make sure the frame of the sunscreen will fit into the frame of your window. Then, you will need to drill holes around the frame for screwing the sunscreen in over the window. If this sounds too complicated, you can hire a handyperson for about $20 to $40 to install it for you. It is not a hard job for them at all and will be completed rather quickly.

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