This postcard’s purpose is to help you obtain a home inspection from the home seller, and future inspections from the home sellers agent. Most agents do both – sometimes perform as a buyers agent, and sometimes as a listing agent. Just leave the postcard behind along with your business card at the property you just inspected. Its simple, being more helpful, will bring you more business.

Postcard Front-side

Postcard’s dimensions are 7″ by 5″ order 250 cards and get a free web profile on this site

Postcard Backside 1

Singular form – I, me.

Postcard Backside 2

This card uses the plural form for multi inspector companies – we, us.

Backside Text Change $20.00 Additional

Just order a minimum of 250 postcards, and you will be given a web profile for free. Obviously, just one inspection more than pays for your order.

Postcard Quantity Includes S&H

home inspector profile

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