Interactive PDF Guide Booklet on Home Repairs, Maintenance, & Remodeling

Solutions for the most commonly found issues during a home inspection.

Free to Use as Is, or Customize it for Your Marketing

As a home inspector, being helpful is one of the most important traits that will bring you future referrals. This booklet, and this website  was produced for helping all those involved it the real estate transaction. (currently 75 videos, and 44 articles/posts) The booklet will be used, and be saved, it will be a great marketing asset.

Supply this booklet via email  to:

  1. The home buyer, with your inspection report.
  2. The buyer’s agent.
  3. The home seller. (you can supply it to the listing agent via email, and/or by leaving a marketing postcard at the inspected property)
  4. The seller’s agent.



Best Marketing Benefit – Customize the Booklet | Introductory Offer 50% Off 

  • Customized cover with your company name, and logo, plus your website address. Now Just $15.00 (will be $30.00) Use the book cover on your website as an added benefit for using your inspection company. – “We supply an interactive booklet which is a complete resource for understanding the most common issues / deficiencies found by the home inspector, and the home repair solutions for fixing them. Do it yourself videos, material resources, and great advice for the repairs, and home remodeling projects”.
  • You can also have a custom page, or pages inserted into your booklet. Information about you and your company. Must order a customized report cover for this option. Send us your completed page(s) – with your text, with or without images in Microsoft’s Word, using Calibri Body font, 12 pt size. Insert a custom page(s) 6.00 ea page.  If you don’t use Word, the cost is $11.00 per page.Just email us the content:  or  Contact
Customize Booklet
  • Booklet Updates – With new articles and new videos. Its a great excuse to contact a past customer by providing an updated booklet. The last week of July, and the last week of January an updated booklet is available. Supply your customized updated booklet $12.50 per update. First update July 2019

Ethical, & Get Additional Inspections

There is nothing wrong or unethical with supplying a source which will make it easier for the home seller to fix the requested repairs. You will also be helping the home buyer understand your inspection findings better, and it will guide the home buyer with the repairs they plan on taking care of themselves. Being more helpful will actually get you more business, not only from the buyer’s side, but with home sellers (which are also buyers) and their agent as well.

Help This Website – Help You

If you have a common inspection finding, that you do not see on the website, please contact us so we can consider adding it to the site.  This website is a continuing work in progress.

Educational Tool

Home inspectors are generalists, and usually don’t know how to fix every deficiency found. Their responsibility is to report  the deficiencies / issues found. However this site can help you better understand how to repair something you reported. After all knowledge is always a good thing. People may not use, or refer you, if they feel your knowledge is weak.

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