How to fix problems with sliding glass windows

Sliding windows offer aesthetic appeal by brightening a room as well as framing it. They slide from side to side and are convenient and modern. They are easy to open, cheaper to maintain and more energy efficient because of the insulation offered by the glazing.

Some of the problems experienced with sliding glass windows include:

  • Accumulation of dirt and debris along the track – this is the most common problem with these types of windows. You’ll discover this problem when you try to slide the window and it slides roughly or you have to push it hard.
  • Problems with rollers – sometimes the rollers don’t work properly and this again may be due to dirt accumulating on them. They may need to be dismantled and cleaned, or replaced altogether. You will notice this problem when the window does not move smoothly or freely when you open it.

Fixing problems with sliding glass windows

  • To access the rollers, you’ll need to have the window open. Open the windows and hold the two vertical panels. Then lift the window up and towards you and it should come off without a problem.
  • Turn the window upside down and you will see the two rollers on each side of the bottom panel. These rollers are held down with screws.
  • Use a screw driver to remove the screws. Then lift the rollers gently up with the tip of your screw driver and your finger. Try not to scratch or dent the panel as you do this.
  • Examine the rollers for dirt and debris. Try spinning them to see whether their movement is good. Rusted rollers will have to be replaced.
  • Spray a lubricant on the roller which is not moving properly and check whether the movement has improved. It is better to use a silicone based lubricant as petroleum based ones attract dust.
  • Using your fingers or with the aid of a putty knife, remove the bottom track from the window frame. Pull it up and towards you and it will come off easily.
  • To clean the track you’ll wash it with mild soap and then dry it completely.
  • Vacuum all of the dirt and dust on the base of the window frame. Then using a piece of cloth, wipe off any moisture that is on the base. Also check that the drain holes at the end of the track base are not blocked with dirt. Clean them out before returning the track.
  • Next you will need to replace the track back into the base of the frame. Re-position it back into the base and then press it firmly down from one end to the other.
  • Fix the rollers back onto the bottom track of the window with your crew driver.
  • Before re-positioning the window, spray some lubricant on the top and bottom tracks of the window frame.
  • Lift the window with the two vertical sides and holding it upright position it inside the top frame. When it has fit securely in the top frame, place it into the bottom frame.

With these few steps you will be able to fix any problems with sliding glass windows. It is a good idea to have some help when you are dealing with larger windows. This way you will not drop and damage the window when you take it off the frame.