Importance of Exterior Paint and Caulk

Freshly painting and caulking a home always adds value to the home, as well as curb appeal, but there are several reasons as to why a homeowner should consider refreshing their exterior paint and caulk on a regular basis. Discover the importance of exterior paint and caulk to a home or business, it not just cosmetic.

Why should you upkeep exterior paint on a home?

While it is beautiful and can increase the curb appeal of your home, exterior paint is a home’s first line of defense against the bad weather. Moisture is able to enter walls through any opening, and once moisture has breached the exterior barrier, it can wreak havoc inside a home. Mold damage, insulation damage, and rot in interior walls can become very costly for homeowners.

Exterior surfaces of a home must be painted regularly for various reasons. These are:

  • Aesthetic appeal

Painting enhances the beauty of the home. It is the way that one puts their personal touch to the house. A look at the colors chosen and how they are placed tells a lot about a person. Any house whether new or old will receive a boost with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Protection against harsh weather

The exterior of a home is protected from extreme heat and cold by a coat of paint. Some paints are enhanced to provide extra protection against UV rays and to keep moisture out.

  • Preservation of siding

Painting protects siding materials from the harsh weather. Applying a coat of paint to vinyl extends its useful life as a siding.

  • Hiding unsightly marks

Sometimes there may be unsightly marks like cracks on the walls which you want to conceal.  After applying caulk to these cracks, painting will restore the appearance of the exterior surface as it was before.

The Importance of Exterior Caulk and Paint

Caulking is a substance that is designed to seal the joint between two surfaces. It’s used to fill small holes in surfaces, too. A high-quality caulk is able to withstand very extreme weather conditions, especially where the weather changes quickly. However, it is most important during the winter months in order to keep moisture out of the home.

One of the safest and most important steps a homeowner can take is to caulk the exterior areas of the home to prevent moisture from getting inside. Once moisture is able to seep underneath a painted surface, the paint is no longer able to protect the vulnerable material underneath. Therefore, caulk is the first line of defense against rot, mold, and insulation damage, right along with exterior paint.

When preparing an area to caulk, be sure to scrape, sand, and prime the area before caulking as caulk adheres best to primer. In addition, be sure the caulk is paintable, and make sure to caulk around problem areas where insects can get inside, such as around windows, door trim, and aluminum siding.

Use the Appropriate High Quality Caulk

Caulking should be done before a home is painted in order to ensure all small holes and seams have been sealed. While exterior paint can seep into small cracks and holes and seal them, it never does as good as a job as caulk. Be sure to invest in a high-quality caulk specifically for outdoor use on the specific surface you are caulking; otherwise, it will need to be replaced more often than necessary.

It is not only the exterior sides of a home that need to be painted. Concrete surfaces should be painted too in order to keep any moisture from seeping into the masonry, which can cause freezing and subsequent cracking. Repairs to exterior surfaces of homes can become very costly, but applying a coating of exterior paint and caulk as often as recommended by a professional can prevent homeowners from having to fork out large amounts of cash.